Happy Sunglasses by SPY Really Work!

I had to write in to tell Dr. Fox and his staff how glad I am that my husband found the perfect ‘Happy Lenses’ by SPY at your Optical Shop! We had called around town and couldn’t find another Eye Doctor that carried the line and knew your office had a large selection of name brand sunglasses. Shelley showed us the variety of SPY brand sunglasses they carried and we found the one that fit his face the best.

I know these glasses make a huge difference as my husband instantly described how everything looked better and he started smiling. He said he really did notice a difference in having less glare, better color and overall he could see everything clearer. His previous glasses were by RayBan (which are a great line of glasses also), but he had read up on the Happy Lens and saw that a large percentage of premium sunglass wearers prefer the Happy Lenses and so he wanted to get a pair.

I really do recommend going to Dr. Fox’s ‘Family Medical Eye Center’ to get the best in sunglasses. Thanks to Dr. Fox at idocfox.com and his team for carrying the latest and the greatest in eye wear!