presbyopia-family-medical-eye-centerAs a person approaches their mid-forties, the ability to maintain a comfortable focus up close diminishes. Eventually, this diminishes to the point that reading glasses or bifocals are needed for good near vision. This need increases until a person is 65-70 and then stabilizes. This is a normal phenomenon that is part of the aging process. There are surgical techniques currently being studied and developed to reverse the effects of this condition. Until these techniques are both refined and deemed safe for common use, corrective eyewear remains the only legitimate treatment option.


Symptoms of presbyopia can include, blurred vision at a normal reading distance., the need to hold reading material at arm’s length, and headaches from doing close work.


Presbyopia cannot be cured. Prescription glasses, contact lenses, reading glasses, progressive addition lenses, or bifocals can help correct the effects of presbyopia with great success however. Dr. Fox is qualified to diagnose and prescribe the appropriate corrective measures and Family Medical Eye Center is equipped with a complete array of functional contact lenses and stylish glasses.

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