Far-Sightedness (Hyperopia)


Hyperopia means that some of the eye’s focusing system needs to be activated to see clearly both at distance and at near. The closer the object being looked at, the more focusing power is needed. As a person with hyperopia reaches their forties, their natural focusing ability wanes and they eventually require glasses or contacts to see clearly. Young children with a large degree of hyperopia may develop a squint or turned eye (strabismus) as a result of using their focusing system attempting to overcome the blurred vision. To correct for this imbalance Dr. Fox may prescribe glasses for a child with a turned eye.


Symptoms of hyperopia can include blurred vision, difficulty seeing objects up close, and crossed eyes in children.


Many medical options are available to treat hyperopia to improve quality of life, especially for children. These options can be discussed and pursued following a consultation with Dr. Fox.

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